Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

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Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World: Our ancient Indian sages and scientists made such inventions in ancient times and laid down such principles, on which today’s modern science and new world stand.

Many such inventions and theories were created thousands of years ago in our ancient India. So we will know about some of these special inventions.

1. Invention Of Electricity

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

We are told and taught that Thomas Edison invented electricity, but it is not told whose help he got in this invention.

Thomas Edison writes in his book that, “one night I fell asleep while reading a Sanskrit verse, but that night I understood the meaning and mystery of that verse in my dream, which helped me a lot in my invention”.

Friends, that verse was from an ancient book called “Agastya Samhita“, this book was composed by sage “Maharishi Agastya”, who being a Vedic sage was the Rajguru of King Dasharat, in his book Agastya Samhita very surprising electrical energy Formulas and principles related to generation are found.

2. Ancient Indian Geometry

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

In ancient India, Geometry was called “Shulva Shastra” at that time. The creator of this Shulva Shastra and Shrot Sutra was “Maharishi Bodhayan”.

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Maharishi Bodhayan had laid down the principles and formulas of line mathematics even before Pythagoras, but today we are taught the principles of Greek geometry Pythagoras and Euclid.

Maharishi Bodhayan had made rules and principles of geometry, geometry or trigonometry about 3000 years ago. Which was called “Shulva Shastra” at that time, experts of some scriptures say that this scripture was thousands of years before that, which is very important to be discovered.

3. Ancient Indian Weapons

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

We feel that today’s weapons are very advanced and their fire power is very destructive. But thousands of millions of years ago, even more dangerous weapons and weapons were invented in India.

In our Vedic period, along with spiritual knowledge, we were taught to use and receive these weapons and weapons for the protection of religion, for the elimination of evil eyes and for war.

“Astra” is called that, which is run by mantras and was run by fire, gas, electric energy and instruments. And “weapons” are called those which were operated by hand and some of these weapons were also operated by machines.

In the Vedic period, weapons were classified into four parts.

1. Amukta: Weapons that cannot be thrown.
2. Mukta: Weapons that could be thrown but were of two types.

  • Panimukta – Thrown by hand.
  • Yantra Mukta – Thrown with the help of instruments.

3. Mukta Mukt: These weapon types could be fired with or without throwing.
4. Mukt Sanivriti: These weapons could be thrown away and returned and restored.

In Veda Puranas we find description of many weapons, among them Pashupat Astra, Vaishnava Astra, Indra Astra, Agneya Astra, Varuna Astra, Nag Astra, Nag Pash, Vayu Astra, Surya Astra, Vajra Astra, Mahini Astra, Parvata Astra, Sammohan Astra Descriptions are also found about weapons like Narayan Astra and Brahmastra and their fire power.

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Many weapons were used in the Mahabharata war, among them “Brahmastra” was the most dangerous and destructive weapon, which is called atomic bomb in today’s modern era.

4. Ancient Indian Aeronautics

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

Today we are taught that the modern aircraft was started by “Wrights Brother” in 1903, but even before that in India, an Indian man had designed and successfully launched the aircraft in 1895, that person’s name was “Shivkar Bapuji Talpade” he composed this composition after practicing Maharishi Bhardwaj’s book “Viman Shastra“.

This means thousands of millions of years ago planes used to fly in our India. We find mention of planes at many places in our scriptures.

This Vimana Shastra book was composed by “Maharishi Bhardwaj”, in this book, the process and principles of making many aircraft have been written in detail, and many other types of instruments and engines have also been described.

For example, in the Ramayana, there is a mention of Ravana having a “Pushpak Vimana”. At that time planes were also made for war, among them there was such a plane called “Godha” which could become invisible. Many such planes were created and invented thousands of years ago in our ancient India.

5. Ancient Indian Plastic Surgery

Ancient Indian Inventions That Changed The World

We think that medical surgery is being done in modern medical science only. But Indians had the knowledge of surgery and plastic surgery more than 3000 years ago, the father of all these complicated surgeries is “Acharya Shushrut”, who is considered the world’s first “surgeon”.

Plastic surgery means: to fix any part of the body. In ancient India, when parts of the body or any part of the body were damaged or destroyed in war or any other natural event, then “Acharya Shushrut” used to do the work of treating them.

At that time, Acharya Shushrut, along with health scientists, made the principles of plastic surgery, cataract, artificial limbs and many types of weapon actions.

But Acharya Shushrut says that this knowledge was given to him by “Lord Dhanvantari” whom we consider as the God of Ayurveda, does it mean that this knowledge was in India thousands of years before Acharya Shushrut.

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