Guest Posting Service - Submit Your Guest Post

Guest Posting Service – Submit Your Guest Post

Friends, if you are a blogger or Digital Marketing Agency, then it is very important for you to know about Guest Post, Guest Article or Sponsored/Guest Blogging.

Publishing a post or article prepared by a blogger on another Website or blog is called Guest Posting or Guest Blogging.

Guest Posting Service is used in a good way to increase the referral traffic of your blog, and to create more high quality do follow backlink, it is also very useful to increase the authority of the blog.

And we provide guest posting service in a Minimal Amount For Guest/ Sponsored posts, Do-follow links.

How should be Guest Post / Guest Article?

  1. Guest Post or Guest Article should be in English.
  2. Guest Post must be of at least 800 words.
  3. The article you have written should not be copied from any other blog or website, write your own original content so that it is easy for your guest post to be published.
  4. Focus more on quality content, so that the reader reading your post can be read easily and some important information can be provided.
  5. In your written article, where necessary, give Paragraph, so that your post looks good and is easy to read.
  6. It is very important to have a post related copyright free image in your post.
  7. Use Heading 1, H2, H3 in the post as needed.
  8. The most important thing is that the topic of your Guest Post or Guest Article should match with the “Category” of our blog site. And do mention the category.
  9. You can also add Youtube embed video if needed.
  10. At the end of the post, give a small description about your Bio and Blog if you want to.

How to Submit

Please send the FULL completed article as a Google Drive document to We do not review pitches.


  • Please do not submit the article elsewhere or publish it on your own site once it has been accepted for publication on GoBloggerTribe.Com.
  • Some articles take longer than others to go live, but I assure you, once accepted we will publish your article. You are welcome to publish the articles on your site or elsewhere after the date of publication on GoBloggerTribe.Com.
  • We Charge a Minimal Amount For more than one Do-follow link on  Guest/ Sponsored posts, .
  • Payment should be clear after publishing the articles or we will remove the links.

Terms and Agreement

  • By submitting the article you agree that it is an original article written by you and that it has not been published or submitted for consideration to publish elsewhere.
  • By submitting the article you agree not to resubmit the article to any other site until you hear back the publication decision from us.
  • By submitting the article you agree that if it is chosen for publication, you will not republish it on any other site (including your own) until 4 weeks after the publication date on GoBloggerTribe.Com.
  • By submitting the article you agree that if your article is published, I will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future, of course with due credit to you.

What can you expect once you submit the article?

  • We do our best to reply to every submission that follows the guidelines within 24Hrs of receiving your email.
  • That said, we get a LOT of emails. If you’ve followed all the guidelines above, but still haven’t heard back from us after 48Hrs, please send us a gentle nudge. We will try to get back to you ASAP.

When will it be published?

Congratulations! It will be published within 48hours. You will receive an email with a live link to your article once it goes live.

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