Connection Between The Khasi Tribe And The Mount of Heaven’s Navel

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Connection Between The Khasi Tribe And The Mount of Heaven’s Navel

What is the connection between the Khasi community and the Mount of Heaven’s Navel? What is the matrilineal system or maternal lineage system? And why did the Khasi tribe adopt it? Why do the children in this community use their mother’s surname instead of their father’s? Why and how did the Khasi community originate?

To learn about an incredible community who believe they have originated along with the earth, let’s see,’ The word ‘Khasi‘ is derived from the word ‘Khas’ in Austroasiatic language which means ‘Hills’. According to the folklore of the Khasi community, Ryngkew and Basa of mother Earth asked God for the boon of children. God blessed them with five children in the form of the Sun, Moon, Fire, Air, and Water.

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And to take care of the earth, out of the 16 divine clans god sent 7 divine clans to Earth. It is said that there was a golden bridge named Jingkieng Ksiar to connect the Earth with Heaven. Some people also believe that there was an oak tree on Lum Sohpetbneng, also known as Mount of Heaven’s Navel, for the communication and transportation between Heaven and Earth. But after some time, when these seven divine clans of Earth did not obey God, God destroyed the oak tree. Due to this, these 7 divine clans were abandoned on earth forever.

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These clans are Khynriam, Pnar, Bhoi, War, Maram, Lyngngam, and Diko. These seven divine clans are called Ki Hynniew Trep which means 7 huts. And from these, the Khasi community traces its origin. According to the 1967 book, “The History and Culture of the Khasi People” by Hamlet Bareh and the Seng Khasi organization Khasi community was the earliest immigrant tribe who came to Assam in the East via the Patkai Hills. Meghalaya is considered the motherland of the Khasi community which consists of Khasi Hills, Garo Hills, and Janitia Hills.

The Khasi community follows the maternal lineage and inheritance system which is the Matrilineal system. In which children use their mother’s surname instead of their father’s. In the Matrilineal system, the youngest daughter who is called ‘Khaddu’ is appointed as the custodian of the family property. She does not leave her maternal home even after her marriage and looks after her parents. And after her mother’s death, she becomes the head of the family. The Khasi community has been following Tribal religion since its origin. After the advent of Christian missionaries, almost 85% of the people of this community accepted Christianity.

A large population of the Khasi community still follows their old tribal religion. They are known as ‘Niamkhasi’ and ‘Niamtre’. Farming is the main occupation of the Khasi community. And they speak the Mon-Khmer language. The Khasi community owns a large area of land and to manage this, they have formed a committee called ‘Darbar’. This committee allots land to the people of the Khasi community at nominal charges. The Khasi community considers the rooster a symbol of the morning.

Connection Between The Khasi Tribe And The Mount of Heaven's Navel

As per their belief, it was the rooster who had awakened God, And then God created the world. This community has made several social changes in its community over time. Today, the people of this community hold prominent positions in the country. Whatever the story of the origin of this community, Hats off to the way the Khasi community has recognized and respected the power of women by adopting the Matrilineal system there is hardly any other such example.

Such an initiative by them for women is incredible.

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