Money Heist Season Netflix Web Series Review

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Money Heist Season Netflix Web Series Review

Money Heist Season: There are some shows that we started watching for a timepass but as the episodes progressed, we kept on connecting with them. And now that the end is in front of my eyes, I feel like closing my eyes, and we never have to see this ending. Those who understand must have understood, that here we are talking about Money Heist, whose final five episodes have been released and after that, the new season is not going to return.

Money Heist Story:

Tokyo, Money Heist’s most interesting character, surprised everyone in Volume One by turning her comedy-like life into a permanent tragedy.

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Now the question, which was left unfinished in the past, will the Professor and the gang take revenge on Tokyo, or will they continue their original plan to “rob the Bank of Spain’s gold”.

The answer will be found, in these five episodes.

Money Heist Dialogue:

Be happy for those who don’t want to see you happy!

This time the show is written like a game of chess, not a physical fight with hands and feet, but mind games, such a web of the mind, on which the enemy is forced to give up.

The battles are over. The professor has lost a lot, but there is much more to be lost. That’s why the mission is very clear. Now no more blood should flow but gold, that too should disappear.

How to kill two with one arrow? You find out.

Also, his Berlin brother is in the background, he is fighting his personal battle. One, only a few days are left of their life and they are also going to get cheated in love from above.

But how is this Berlin’s Past, connected to the Professor’s Present? This is a very interesting story. And when the secret connections are exposed, your senses will be blown away, my friend.

He is controlling the entire show even though he is not in the show. This is called the iconic character, after killing whom, the show makers had to revive.

Look, the show is quite dark and intense this time. His biggest area is a dangerous question, which is swirling right in the middle.

Either everyone will survive or everyone will die. Which option is correct? His answer passes through quite a zig-zag path.

The X factor is emotions. Because Money Heist has become personal now. Each character looks like his own. Whom you may never meet, but everyone knows well.

We’ve spent five whole seasons leaving these guys alone in a little final fight, so there’s a connection with every episode.

Then suddenly some such turns and twists come, which no one can even think of even far away. This means someone will manipulate the professor as well, you would not have imagined even in your dreams.

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That’s why this season of Money Heist is absolutely unpredictable. When, from where, and who left? And become the mastermind of the game, there is no idea at all.

As always, the episodes are long. They go on for an hour but not a single second will feel boring or stretched.

Full credit goes to the music tracks. By playing the music that suits every situation, the audience is kept hooked, till the very end moment.

Sometimes the language will be English and sometimes Spanish, but the beats are so much fun, that you just want to enjoy them.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review: Direction

In the last talk about direction, what a wonderful series brother has made. In fact, after several years of planning, the whole plot has finally been revealed in this season.

Professor, why became a professor? Why are Berlin characters so empty on the inside but so clever on the outside?

And stealing in the Bank of Spain is not just a heist, but a dream.

The answer to everything is hidden in the past, which has been cleverly combined with the present to close the final season of Money Heist.

The idea to name Tokyo in Money Heist came when the show’s producer, Alex Pina, wore a T-shirt with “Tokyo” written on it.
A satisfying climax that has been awaited by every fan who has been associated with all five seasons of Money Heist.

There is no compromise at all, complete details will be available. Also, happy or sad ending, you find out.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review: Rating

So, man, Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 will get 4 out of 5 stars from my side.

Amazing writing for a star, as well as great storytelling. So second, for the mind-testing twists and turns, we weren’t prepared for at all.

Money Heist Dialogue: – A great person is known only by his words and deeds, otherwise good things are written on the walls too.

Third, every character will be remembered for a lifetime, for their stellar performances that make a fictional story real and personal.

and a fourth smart direction, which tied the last episode to the beginning of Heist.

Why did this thief become a thief? This question has also been answered.

Talking about the negatives, half a star will be cut, this faceoff should have been very dangerous, and quite easily ended the fight of Professor vs Colonel.

And half-star, to disturb the flow of the show a bit by forcing the final season to split into two.

Money Heist becomes a legend if all the episodes come together.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review: FAQs

When was Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 released?
The final season of Money Heist was released on 3 December 2021, and it saw a total of 5 episodes, which are its final episodes.

Where can I watch the final season of Money Heist?
Money Heist is a web series from Netflix, all the seasons of which you will be able to watch only on Netflix.

Is Money Heist Based on True Events?
The original story of Money Heist is a fictional story but parts of it are taken from true events. Such as the mask, referenced by Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali and his iconic mustache.

Also, the red jumpsuit worn by the gang is also a reference to socialism.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review: Details

Creator – Alex Pina
Cast – Ursula Corberoz (Tokyo), Alvaro Morte (Professor), Itziar Ituno (Raquel Murio), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Paco Taus (Moscow), Alba Flores (Nairobi), Miguel Heran (Rio), Jaime Llorente (Denver) , Esther Acebo (Monica Gastambidé), Enrique Arce (Arturo Roman), Darko Peris (Helsinki), Hovik Kechukarian (Bogota), Luca Perros (Marcella), Diana Gomez (Tatiana), Fran Morcillo (Pablo), Ramon Aguirre (Benjamin) , Bethlehem Cuesta (Manila/Julia), Rocco Narva (Suárez), Fernando Cayo (Col Tamayo), Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra)
Rodrigo de la Cernas (Palremo)
Total Episodes – 5
Release date – 3rd December 2021

4.8/5 – (118 votes)

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