Squid Game Web Series Season 2 Netflix Original

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Squid Game Web Series Season 2

Squid Game Web Series: Quickly remember the show or movie when your mind was most engrossed in the race, the story in which the makers of the show managed to defeat you even after going round and round.

If you have remembered then forget it now and if you have not seen any such show then get ready to watch it now.

Because a new show of a level 10 times higher than that has come in the market, seeing which you will also be able to say that what a ruckus thing you have made, man?

Squid Game has been released on Netflix which has taken the whole world in its arms.

A clever story with an intense level of bloodshed that makes you close your eyes.

But you watch it with pleasure because this series is Korean in origin but there is nothing to worry about because you will not have to learn Korean from Kim Jong Un, you will get the show absolutely in desi Hindi dubbing.

Things are enough, now we know the story of Squid Game.

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Squid Game Cast

The lead character of the Squid Game show is Lee Jung-Jae who plays Seong Gi-Hyun. This player is number 456.

Squid Game Web Series Season 2

The second character is Cho Sang-woo whose character is played by Park Hee-soo and this player is number 218.

Squid Game Web Series Season 2

The next character is Kang Sai-Byeok played by Hoyon Jung and this player is number 067.

Squid Game Web Series Season 2

The number one player in Squid Game is Oh Il-Namo, he’s an old man but an important character in the show played by O Yeong-SU. This character is very important to Squid Game, with which many twists are hidden.

Squid Game Web Series Season 2

The show also stars Hwang Joon-ho, a police officer, played by Wi Ha-Joon.

Squid Game Web Series Season 2

Squid Game Story

Some people are due to poor luck whose bank balance is double zero but there is as much balance in the borrowed account as there will be stars in the sky.

But those are the dialogues, “luck is a big dog thing, sometimes it turns” so everyone’s luck definitely changes once, and in Squid Game, these people have got a chance on their own, that too in the form of a game.

what kind of game Wait brother, have some patience, I am telling you everything.

There is going to be a sports competition in which about 500 players are participating. There will be a total of 6 levels and after each level, some players will be out of the game and some will qualify for the next level.

How easy is it? But wait, bro.

There is a strong twist in Squid Game, knowing that your eyes will be wide open.

Whoever crossed the last level means the one who won this game will get so much money that can sit on the list of billionaires overnight equal to Elon Musk.

Eyes burst? Now, something will explode.

Because every game has a principle. One will win only when the other loses.

And here in Squid Game the loser will not only be out of the game but will be from this world only.

Don’t understand?

Hey friend, the loser in this game will be given direct death too without his permission.

Are you scared? The party has just started, and you have not even asked an important question.

Friends, who is feeding this game, who will give this much money and the rain of bullets openly, who has so much courage?

The answers are a little scary.

Because there is a strange mask on every face, just like in Money Heist but here everyone’s mask is based on group and level.

If someone’s mask is a circle, then someone’s triangle is a square on someone’s mask.

And the leader of all this is Diamond, (Kala Heera), don’t take it as a gift to your girlfriend on the anniversary.

He is a toxic maniac, as a human being, Yamraj, you understand him, if he is really a human.

And brother, the most horrifying thing about this is that the place where these games are played doesn’t really exist to the outside world.

Confused again?

Hey friend, a fake box has been prepared using tremendous use of science and technology, in which night moon and day sun, strong rushing wind and green forest, this thing will not be in reality but will give the illusion that means deception of eyes.

Look boss, even after reading this much, if your heart does not swell, then it is not easy at all to show a concept like a brother’s death in a comedy-like manner.

Here the bullets are going through the head of the man in front and funny music is playing in the background.

Fear and laughter, both at the same time, are really terrible things.

The games shown above in this show are familiar to Koreans, watched since childhood but all new to us, different and dangerous sets designed, in maze style, absolutely stunned. Seeing you go

Are they really like that? You will definitely feel this thing.

Let’s leave all this too, the suspense of the show. Who, where, why? To know these three questions, you will watch the entire show in one go. I can bet.

The lead actors in the main story of Squid Game also have a different back story in which their bad past is shown.

And from there Squid Game gets detail and depth, not everything is just in the air, and logic will be found for everything.

Yes, but a small caveat is that the show runs in a bold manner without any filters, the violence is strong, and the bloodshed is to the maximum level.

Beware of weak-hearted friends and keep children away from them.

Quickly take your time and watch Squid Game that too in Hindi dubbing, then come back to gobloggertribe to say thank you.

And this time I am not giving any rating, rather you guys will give Squid Game a rating out of 5.

If you have seen Squid Game game then give a rating below now, if you have not seen then watch it and come back to give a rating my friend.

I will see you in the second review till then – Jai Hind.

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