What is The Umbrella Academy On Netflix – Review

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The Umbrella Academy On Netflix

The Umbrella Academy: Friends, after Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy is making a splash on Netflix. Friends, due to the lockdown, we could not go to, movie theatres to watch movies. But yes, we have got a new and very entertaining web series throughout the lockdown from different OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar and Sony Liv have given us some such web series, in front of which the movies also seem to be faded.

Today we are going to talk about one such web series which has left a different impression in the hearts of the people. The name of the web series we are going to talk about is “The Umbrella Academy” if you want to know everything about “The Umbrella Academy”, then definitely read this article completely.

What is The Umbrella Academy?

The Umbrella Academy is web series streaming on Netflix. So far three seasons of this web series have been published on Netflix. There are 10-10 episodes in every season. This web series is a science fiction, fantasy, drama, and American superhero streaming television series based on a comic book. According to Netflix, this web series was seen in 45 million homes in just 1 month after the release of the first season.

History of The Umbrella Academy Story

The Umbrella Academy is based on a comic book series and the name of that book. This book was written by American singer, songwriter, and comic book writer “Gerard Arthur Way”. This series was created by Netflix and Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater. The first season of this series was published on 15 February 2019 and the second on 31 July 2020.

What is The Umbrella Academy On Netflix - Review

Story Of The Umbrella Academy

This story begins when suddenly on 1 October 1989, 43 women all over the world suddenly give birth to children. Surprisingly, none of these women have any symptoms of pregnancy. A very big billionaire “Sir Reginald Hargreeves” adopts seven of them. 6 out of those seven kids have some different superpowers.

Instead of naming those seven, Hargreeves called them by number (Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and No. 7). But his robot-mother names them all, and those names are something like – Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, Vanya.

If you read the names of all these carefully, then you will see that the name of the child with the number 5 is only five because his name is not revealed in this series. The Hargreeves form a team and train those 6 children with special abilities to save the world, and they received this training at “The Umbrella Academy“.

Later, when the children grow up, they quarrel with Sir Reginald Hargreaves, and they all leave Sir Reginald Hargreeves and his The Umbrella Academy and go away. One day Hargreeves dies just like that and all those children gather so that they can say goodbye to their father for the last time. All the children were present here except number 5 because number 5 gets stuck in some time zone due to time travel. But a day later he reaches there.

And tells the rest of his brothers and sisters that the world is going to end soon, that is, an “apocalypse” is about to come. Now they have to find out quickly why this apocalypse is going to happen and at the same time prevent the apocalypse from happening because now they have only 4 days left. If you want to know can they save the world from ending? If yes then how? then you have to watch this web series…

Review of Critics

Friends, this amazing science fiction web series had rocked the whole of Netflix. Generally, critics criticize the web series, but this web series “The Umbrella Academy” has won a lot of praise from critics. This web series has 75% reading on TOMATOMETER and the critic’s rating is 89 out of 100.

Review Of Viewers

The Umbrella Academy” has received a lot of love from the audience, as well as the audience has praised the actors in the series, the direction of the series, and the story. The audience rating of this web series is 85%.


According to us, this web series is a squeeze of an amazing storyline and direction. Each episode of this is about 1 hour, but when you are watching this series, you will not even know where an hour has passed. Every minute of this web series will keep you hooked and you will not feel bored at all. If you like watching web series or movies like science fiction, drama, superheroes, then you will love this web series.

The Umbrella Academy” is a must-watch, if you have those two days of the weekend, then you can enjoy both the seasons of this web series And finally when you see this complete web series then don’t forget to put your review in our comment box.

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