Web Stories Tutorial How To Earn Money From Google Web Stories

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You are currently viewing Web Stories Tutorial How To Earn Money From Google Web Stories

Web Stories Tutorial How To Earn Money From Google Web Stories

Web Stories Tutorial How To Earn Money From Google Web Stories: How to earn money from Google web stories? If you want complete information about it, then you are reading the right post.

With Google web stories, you can not only increase the traffic of your website but can also earn millions of money from it. Google is one of the latest ways to generate revenue by monetizing web stories.

So how to earn money from google web stories along with driving additional traffic to the website? Must read this post to learn about it.

What is Google Web Stories?

Web stories are a series of image or video slides that are tappable, mobile-optimized, and interactive. It is similar to social media stories which are in the form of engaging content in a visual format. The only purpose of creating web stories is that concise (brief) information is immediately available to the users.

In this, any brand can conceptualize and execute web stories according to their own. There are no restrictions like social media platforms in this.

Google introduced web stories in 2005. Then it was known as AMP stories. Initially, it was not so successful, so google did not continue it.

But seeing the success of social media stories in recent times, google relaunched AMP stories as google web stories in 2020. web stories are currently running in only three countries India, Brazil, and America.

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Advantages of Google Web Stories

Google web stories have created a huge impact in the field of organic traffic / organic marketing.

Now all kinds of online businesses have started experimenting with web stories. Many businesses and blogs use google web stories as marketing strategies to keep their users engaged.

When a brand puts Instagram and Facebook stories consistently, there is a good engagement of users. But we would also advise you to explore web stories so that you can multiply the traffic.

There are many benefits that google web stories can add to your brand. Out of those benefits, 7 major benefits are as follows –

You have full ownership of google web stories

You can use all your creativity to create web stories. There is no limitation of any kind on this. Customizing content and design is very important to target an ideal audience.

Along with this, you can also use interactive fonts, images, videos, and illustrations. This helps in creating a better experience for your users. In this, you can add a call-to-action button.

Not to be temporary like web stories, Instagram, and Facebook stories.

You all know that the story posted on Instagram and Facebook remains visible only for 24 hours. After that, it automatically disappears. But this is not the case with web stories. It lasts as long as your web page lasts.

Another special feature of this is its ability to do manual scrolling. Users can slide and watch the series of web stories at their convenience. For this, you can set an automated time.

Web stories reach more than social media

The main objective of making web stories is to make the reach of objective content accessible to as many people as possible. In recent times, the field of content creation has become very competitive.

There is no comparison between social media and web stories in terms of reaching more people. Unlike social media, web stories help you create brand awareness. google web stories helps you in inbound marketing.

Google shows web stories to users looking for a specific product/service/information.

Faster Page Loading

Fast page loading and quality content are very important to keep users engaged. Web stories use AMP technology which helps in loading pages faster. This technology helps your content to reach people faster.

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In this way, when the pages of the website are fast loaded, then google takes account of it in its algorithm, which proves to be helpful in ranking high in search engine results.

Facility to send real-time notifications-

A live story attribute is available in web stories. When you add a new page, it sends a real-time notification to the users. These features are especially useful for those brands who want to give information about new developments and breaking news.

Facility to monetize web stories-

With web stories, you can not only increase the engagement of users, but you can also monetize them and generate revenue from it.

Google has recently introduced a programmatic ads solution with Adsense and ad manager. It helps in tracking the advertisement of your web stories.

Tracking web stories with the help of google analytics.

Another benefit of web stories is that you can track the performance of your web stories with the help of google analytics.

Different types of Google web stories ads

There are many types of story ads that are published by a brand on web stories. Their types are as follows –

Display ads – These types of ads are used for the purpose of driving traffic to the advertiser’s website. These ads can be in different forms. Like – image, video, text or audio, etc.

Brand deals – You can create stories for the brand which will appear like an ad. In this type of web stories, you can highlight a product or service.

Affiliate links – These types of ads are advertisements with call-to-action like swipe-up. You can add this type of Affiliate link in web stories by using the page attachment option. Apart from this, the second way is that you can add Affiliate links to the users at the end of the slide of the web stories, which takes the user directly to the Affiliate site.

How to monetize Google Web Stories?

You can earn money from google web stories by using any ad story mentioned above. AMP-based ad story helps in fast mobile loading to enhance the user experience. There are many such supporting ad networks, among them google Adsense or google ad manager are such ad networks that help in creating a web story.

With the help of a third-party tool to make stories, you can create and publish web stories. It helps you to monetize google web stories.

You can monetize web stories by following these three steps –

Sign in to Makestories account.
After this go to general settings.
After this go to advertisement set up –
In this, you will get the option of monetization. The option of monetization can be enabled through any one of the tools given below. Like – google AdSense, google ad manager custom ad, etc.

How to make Google Web story ad?

Before knowing how to make a web story, you need to keep some important things in mind. Web story ads work on AMP technology and due to this technology web stories can become mobile-optimized.

These important points are as follows –

  1. web stories work on AMP technology.
  2. Due to this technology, it is possible to create web stories in mobile-optimized, full-page format.
  3. Always create engaging and creative content.
  4. Make sure to include a call-to-action in your ad story.
  5. Mention AMP HTML correctly.

If you have ever made stories for social media, then there will be no problem in making google web stories. You can create a web story ad by following the simple steps given below.

  • Choose the right platform to create web stories.
  • Outline your story.
  • Insert visual elements in web stories
  • Create Story
  • Publish the story.

How to track Google Web story ad performance?

You can track the performance of web story ads. Similar to Instagram ads, web stories ads appear when a user is browsing through web stories on google.

You can track the ad of web stories with the help of google analytics. You can see the visual ad report and analyze how your web story ad is performing.

What have you learned –

In this post, you learned how to earn money from Google web stories? In this post, you also learned that there are different types of story ads.

Also, learn about the benefits of web stories, monetize them, create them and track their performance. I hope this post will help you to understand web stories and you too will learn to earn money by creating web stories.

Follow our site for more such informative posts and give your feedback by commenting in the comment box. If you liked the post then don’t forget to share it.


What is Google Web Stories?

Web stories are a series of images or video slides. It is visually rich and in full-screen content format, which you can tap or swipe web stories to see.

How to create Google Web Stories?

You can create web stories on Google Web Stories

Is google web stories free?

Yes, you can create web stories for free.

Where are Google Web Stories published?

Web stories appear on other platforms apart from google’s various platforms. Like – google search, google images, google discover, website, etc.

What is the dimension of Google Web Stories?

Dimensions of web stories 640*853

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