Anupama Upcoming Twist Kinjal was shocked by Paritosh's infidelity, 'Anupama' took this step


These days new twists and turns are being seen in the small screen's famous show 'Anupama'. The TRP of the show is also touching the sky.

Along with Anupama, the entire family has come to know about Paritosh's extra-marital affair. Kinjal is in shock due to Toshu's betrayal 

So far you have seen in Anupama that the Shah family is busy preparing for the naming ceremony of Kinjal's daughter. On the other hand, by cheating Kinjal, Paritosh is fighting with love elsewhere. 

After this Vanraj has thrown Paritosh out of the house, after which Baa takes out all the anger on Anupama as usual. She accuses Anupama of breaking into her son's house.

Now the biggest question is arising that whether Anuj will support Anupama during this time or not?